MARCH 22, 2016: SPIRIT will be conducting an investigation at a private residence soon.

                  What is S.P.I.R.I.T?


SPIRIT is a group of experienced paranormal investigators who try to 'think outside the box'. Since there is not a scientifically proven method of detecting paranormal activity, SPIRIT uses many tools and methods—both traditional and innovative.

SPIRIT also applies as much 'scientific method' as possible to their investigations, doing their best to ensure that any results obtained can be attributed to the paranormal with as high degree of confidence as possible.


SPIRIT does not charge for any investigations.


SPIRIT guarantees your confidentiality. We do not disclose any location-identifiable information without your express permission first.

SPIRIT will provide you with a timely report on the investigation, including an in-person review of any results obtained.

How SPIRIT Investigates


Researching the location
Meeting with the clients

Location walk-through...baseline readings and photographs



EMF readings: Monitoring electromagnetic fields; identifying existing 'hot spots' created by wiring or devices in the location.
EVP sessions: Using various devices and methods, EVP is an attempt to capture voice communication from paranormal sources.
Photography & Video: Static cameras monitor preselected locations. Mobile video recorders are used during the entire investigation.
Sound Recorders: Stationery recorders are placed in strategic locations for the entire investigation. All investigators also carry recorders. Comparisons are made between all recordings for anomalies and possible communications.
Other methods used: (always video recorded) Trigger objects and sounds...intended to perhaps attract the attention of any entities.

Writing pendulums: a simple stylus suspended over a tray of fine particles such as flour. Any movement of the stylus will be recorded in the particles.
Collapsible structures: Nothing more than a house of cards, easily knocked over.

Motion detectors

Other potential stimuli: Sounds, odors (short lasting), objects, music, items from the past.
These are some of the methods employed by SPIRIT. We also strive to devise other methods based on the location's history and any reported activity.

Post Investigation Review

SPIRIT brings a 'scientific eye' to the post-investigation review. After all possible mundane or environmental explanations are exhausted, the entire team reviews potential results. A graded scale is used for rating potential results. The results deemed likely to be paranormal are then sent to a 'blind reviewer', who has no information or coaching on what the evidence represents. This provides SPIRIT with an unbiased outlook on the results obtained.

Post Investigation Client Presentation

SPIRIT will meet with the clients and give a brief explanation of how the results were obtained. Results are presented in an unbiased way. SPIRIT believes that it is not our position to try to convince our clients of any paranormal activity.


Follow-Up Investigation

SPIRIT strongly believes that all locations should be investigated at least twice. A second investigation allows SPIRIT to attempt to confirm—or 'debunk'—results obtained in the first investigation. Also, it is not uncommon for a single investigation to yield no results deemed 'likely to be paranormal', for a variety of reasons. The second investigation doubles the chances of confirming—or not—paranormal activity at any given location.

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